Kelvinbridge [Subway]

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Kelvinbridge [Subway] (1896-1977)
Kelvinbridge [Subway] (1980-)

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Opened on the Glasgow District Subway.


This underground station has access by long escalator from Great Western Road, from the east end of the bridge over the River Kelvin. At ground level there is a ticket office by the station car park, built on the site of the goods yard of the former Kelvin Bridge station.

The station has an island platform and is entirely underground, partly under the River Kelvin itself. In approaching the station from the west the line passes under high ground, the River Kelvin and the former Glasgow Central Railway Kelvin Bridge station. Going east the line passes under Great Western Road. Intriguingly west of the River Kelvin the Glasgow Central Railway is under Great Western Road and east of the Kelvin the Subway is below.

The original station had an entrance from the block on the east side of South Woodside.

The station is close to Kelvingrove Park (to the south) and the University of Glasgow (to the west).

In the 1994 River Kelvin flood the car park was covered with water right up to the barriers.


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