Joppa [2nd]

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Joppa [2nd] (1859-1966)

Opened on the North British Railway.

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This was a two platform station which replaced Joppa [1st]. But unlike that station, this one was on the East Coast Main Line rather than the Waverley Route.

It was just east of Portobello East Junction. The main station building was on the eastbound platform.

Joppa itself is north of the former station and Joppa Quarry (now a playing field) was to the south.

Just to the west of the station were sidings on the north side of the line, approached from the east. These were later expanded into a goods and timber yard. Also to the west was where the approach lines for Portobello Yard split from the main line, these running west on its north side. The signal box was located here. The original box opened in 1874 (south side of the line and west of Brunstane Road) and was replaced in 1896 when the yard was expanded. The second box was on the north side of the line and east of Brunstane Road.

The North British Laundry, owned by the railway, was just to the west of the station, on the north side of the line.

The Lothian Lines (North British Railway) crossed over the line between the goods yard and the laundry.

The station closed in 1966. The signal box closed in 1971.

The disused main station building, L shaped in plan, still stands.


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