Helensburgh Gas Works

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Helensburgh Gas Works (1844-1950)

Served by the Glasgow, Dumbarton and Helensburgh Railway.


This gas works was served by a siding on the south side of Helensburgh Central and approached from the east. The siding crossed Princes Street just to the east of the Grant Street footbridge, dating from around the date of the reconstruction and enlargement of the terminus. Shunting within the works was by steam capstan.

The original works, dating from 1844, were in the north of the site with gasometers to the south, close to Maitland Street. The Helensburgh Gas Company Ltd was bought by the town council in 1899 and rebuilt shortly afterwards. The multiple gasometers were superceded by a single large example to the east.

The gasometer was replaced in 1928 and Grant Street stopped up, the new gasometer occupying the former north end of the road before Princes Street.

(The gasworks closure date given here is assumed.)

This gasometer survived the rest of the works. It fell out of use in 2012 and was demolished in 2014. The site is now a park and ride car park for the station.


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