Greenock Central Signal Box

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Names and dates

Greenock Five Arches Signal Box (-1889)
Greenock No 1 Signal Box (1889-1921)
Greenock Central Signal Box (1921-1967)

Opened on the Glasgow, Paisley and Greenock Railway.
Opened on the Gourock Extension Railway (Caledonian Railway).


This signal box was on the eastern approaches to Greenock Central and its goods yards. It was located on the south side of the line east of Dellingburn Street.

Today the railway crosses Dellingburn Street on a girder viaduct, however before the opening of the Gourock Extension Railway (Caledonian Railway) it crossed the Dellingburn Square by means of a double track five arch masonry viaduct - known as the Five Arches. This was the original name of the signal box here - 'Greenock Five Arches' - which was on the eastern approach to Greenock (and replaced by Greenock Central with the extension).

The original bridge was replaced in 1889 with a broader twin bridge structure carrying the approach to Greenock Central Goods (to the south) and Greenock Central and its mineral depot (an addition to the north). The new box 'Greenock No 1' was located south of the junction where lines met from these east of Dellingburn Street. The approach to Greenock Central was aligned further to the north than the original approach and its approach was the additional new bridge over Dellingburn Street.

The No 2 box, at the west end of Greenock Central, closed in 1921 when it was taken over by the No 1 box which was renamed 'Greenock Central'.

In 1967, in preparation for electrification, the box was closed, taken over by a temporary box at Ladyburn Junction.


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