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Glenfinnan Monument

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This 1815 built monument commemorates the raising of the standard of Charles Edward Stuart at the beginning of the Jacobite rising of 1745.

This monument is a 60ft column with an internal staircase topped with a statue of an unknown highlander, with body turned to the east and facing north east. The monument is within an octagonal enclosure with memorial tablets in English, Gaelic and Latin.

There is a visitor's centre here, with shop, exhibition, café, car park and toilets.

The NTS - Glenfinnan Monument is to the south east of Glenfinnan station.

The monument is on the south side of the A830, originally formed under Thomas Telford (road built 1803-1812) which crosses the ground on an embankment.



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Queen Victoria, critic

On 15 September 1873 Queen Victoria visited Glenfinnan. Her review of the monument was
we came at once on Loch Shiel, a fresh water Loch, with fine, high, rugged hills on either side. It is 20 miles long. At the head of the Loch stands a very ugly monument to Pce Charles Edward, looking like a sort of light house, surmounted by his statue & surrounded by a wall.

She was far more taken with the nearby chapel of St Mary and St Finnan, commenting
I thought I had never seen a lovelier or more romantic spot.

Nearby was the site of the Queen's Tree.

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