Garstang Town: A view of Garstang Town station, probably from the early 1960s. The distinctive narrow station building with the slightly wider signal box at the far end See image 61091 is on the island platform, which in passenger carrying days was accessed by a footbridge. Beyond and to the right is the old GKER engine shed, later dismantled and rebuilt nearby as a farm building. Straight ahead is the water tower with the small goods shed on the left. Final closure came in 1965 and the site is now covered by a housing development known as Station Way.
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Garstang Town

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Names and dates

Garstang (1870-1872)
Garstang (1875-1924)
Garstang Town (1924-1930)

Opened on the Garstang and Knot End Railway.


This was an island platform station. It was located in Garstang, unlike the older Garstang and Catterall station which was further east. Access to the island platform was by lattice footbridge.

There was a locomotive shed on the north side, approached from the east and a goods yard on the south side approached from the west.

The line itself was single track.

Before the line was extended west to Knott End it was not an island platform but did have a passing loop.

The site has been obliterated with housing.


Station island platform

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