Frances Colliery

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Name and dates

Frances Colliery (1850-1985)

Chronology Dates

  /  /1850Earl of Rosslyn's Collieries
Frances Colliery sunk.
  /  /1923Earl of Rosslyn's Collieries
Fife Coal Company
Frances Colliery transferred from Earl of Rosslyn's Collieries to Fife Coal Company.
  /  /1930Fife Coal Company
Redevelopment of Frances Colliery.
  /  /1965National Coal Board
Frances Colliery washery closed, coal was then taken to the Bowhill Washery.
  /  /1981National Coal Board
Approximate date of underground connection between Seafield Colliery and Frances Colliery.
  /  /1984National Coal Board
Frances Colliery effectively closed following underground fires during the Miner's Strike.
  /  /1988National Coal Board
Frances Colliery officially closed.

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