Forest Mill

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Kincardine [1st] (1850-1893)
Forest Mill (1893-1930)

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Where: Clackmannanshire, Scotland
Opened on the Stirling and Dunfermline Railway.


This was a two platform station on a double track railway.

Kincardine is over three miles south. The station was also known as Kincardine and Kennet. Forest Mill itself was a little to the north.

It was located to the west of the bridge over today's A977.

The main station building was on the westbound platform and there was a goods yard on the south side of the line, east of the station, approached from the west. At a late date Tilligarth Colliery Pit No 3 was located to the south of the station, served by a tramway running east from Tilligarth Colliery Pit No 2.

The the west, on the north side of the line, was a short branch to a coal mine (probably Tilligarth Colliery Pit No 1). To the east was a siding reached by reversal from the station which was a reversing spur for a line south to what was later Brucefield Colliery.

Little remains of the station due to its closure in 1930. The box closed in 1945. The railway was singled in 1973 (the westbound line was lifted) and the line closed in 1980.

Castlebridge Colliery was located to the north of the site.




Kincardine and Kennet

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