Fodderty Junction Yard

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Fodderty Junction Yard (1940-1944)

Opened on the Strathpeffer Branch (Highland Railway).


This Second World War yard was laid out in the 'V' of Fodderty Junction. Its approach led off the Strathpeffer branch and it was approached from Fodderty Junction to the east.

The yard opened for marshalling trains carrying mines assembled in England and RNAD Bandeath which were to be used in the minefield between the Orkneys, Faroes and Iceland. It was located before the severe climb to Ravens Rock Summit. A similar yard existed at the west end of the Kyle line at Duirinish Yard, a wartime yard built alongside Duirnish station.

The yard was on the north side of the branch near the junction. Its connection faced Fodderty Junction and Dingwall and there was a headshunt parallel to the branch. The yard consisted of ten single ended sidings.

The yard (and that at Duirinish) closed in 1944 after cessation of the mines traffic. Nothing remains to be seen today as the ground reverted to farmland afterwards.

The Strathpeffer line closed to passengers in 1946 and completely in 1951. The Kyle line remains open today.



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