Fiddlersgill Signal Box

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Fiddlersgill Signal Box (-1931)

Opened on the Caledonian Railway.


This signal box controlled the junction south of Braidwood for a mineral line network (Mauldslee Branch (Caledonian Railway)) serving iron ore quarries to the south of the village of Carluke, now a town.

The box was on the west side of the line by a trailing crossover. On the east side of the line the siding ran parallel, at first before striking off north to serve the quarries.

A siding also ran south parallel to the main line to reach the Scottish Terra-Cotta and Metallic Brick Works.

The branch was cut back to close to the junction by the 1890s.

The signal box closed in 1931.

The Fiddlers Burn passes under the Caledonian Railway's main line by a culvert. The railway remains open as the electrified main line.



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