Edinchip Viaduct [LSFCR]

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Edinchip Viaduct [LSFCR] (1905-1951)

Opened on the Lochearnhead, St Fillans and Comrie Railway.

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This is an impressive single track mass concrete viaduct crossing the Kendrum Burn east of Edinchip House. From south to north there were five tall concrete arches, a long 82 ft girder section and then two concrete arches. Also known as Kendrum Burn Viaduct.

After closure in 1951 the girder section was removed.

It was was replaced in 1997 with a more lightweight portion which has allowed the trackbed of the line to be reopened as a cycle and foot path.

Nearby to the west is the Edinchip Viaduct [C and O].


Viaduct footpath


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Nigel Hester Plaque

The bridge carries a dedication plaque.

This section of the viaduct
was replaced using funds raised
in memory of
13th July 1972 - 26th May 1997
Organist and Music Teacher
Who was killed tragically while
cycling on the A9 near here.
Remembering him always
Enjoy your ride and stay safe!