Dalsholm Paper Mills

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Dalsholm Paper Mills (1783-1970)

Served by the Glasgow, Dumbarton and Helensburgh Railway.


The site of this paper mill is now and area of grass parkland, within Dawsholm Park, on the west bank of the River Kelvin, just south of the old Dawsholm Bridge. The mill was opened by William McArthur. It consisted of two ranges of buildings parallel to the river. A mill lade ran between the buildings and there were three small reservoirs to the west.

The site was served by a short branch from Maryhill [NB] station. This branch crossed the River Kelvin by a bridge to the south of the mill. Approach was from the east where the branch made a trailing connection to the eastbound line through the station. The branch entered the mill from the south, running between the buildings.

Just south of the mill a long siding ran parallel to the river, passing under the Maryhill Viaduct [GDH] and Maryhill Viaduct [SR].


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