Craiginches North Sidings

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Nigg Cattle Station
Craiginches North Sidings


These sidings, with a loading bank, are located immediately south east of the Dee Viaduct. They are located on the east (up) side of the railway and approached by reversal.

The site predated the Craiginches Saw Mill having been established as Nigg Cattle Station. It was possibly originally a depot for materials for the Dee Viaduct.

The Craiginches Saw Mills of A & G Patterson Ltd, (who also own saw mills at Banchory [2nd] the Silverbank Saw Mills), were established just to the north of the sidings. A tramway run east to the Craiginches Iron Works.

The site was also a creosote works.

Craiginches signal box was here, on the south (down) side of the line and a trailing crossover was to the east of the Wellington Road overbridge.

After its opening, around 1912, these sidings were by the west end of Craiginches Yard.

Sidings remain here today usually used by the Civil Engineer.




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