Coleburn's Platform

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Coleburn (1863-1867)
Coleburn's Platform (1867-1871)

Opened on the Morayshire Railway.


This platform served Coleburn Distillery. To the south was a passing loop with a signal box and sidings for the distillery. The sidings were on the west side of the line and served from the south (the north end of the loop). A siding ran from the south end of the loop to a gravel pit on the west side of the line.

Closure to passengers was early, in 1871. Under the LNER there was a private halt.

The signal box opened in 1897. This was on the west side of the loop.

The box closed in 1966. The line closed in 1968.


Murray McDavid - Coleburn Distillery




05/06/1863Morayshire Railway
Conditional halt added at Coleburn between Elgin [GNSR] and Rothes.


The Travellers Joy: The Story of the Morayshire Railway