Clippens Junction

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Clippens Junction (-1934)

Opened on the Bridge of Weir Railway.
Opened on the Clippens Branch (Glasgow and South Western Railway).


This junction was north west of Cart Junction and the Linwood Branch (Glasgow and South Western Railway). It gave access to the Clippens Branch (Glasgow and South Western Railway).

The mineral line ran north east to Clippens Oil Works. After its closure it served the Sun Foundry and later Brediland Chemical Works. The signal box was on the north side of the junction. The branch made a trailing connection to the Glasgow bound line and there was a trailing crossover just to the east.

The junction and box closed in 1934. The remains of the branch was served by the Clippens Branch (Caledonian Railway) to which it was connected at its east end.

The main line remained open until 1983. It is now a footpath.


Junction footpath


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