Clarkston (Lanark)

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Clarkston [NBR] (1861-1953)
Clarkston (Lanark) (1953-1956)

Note: text in square brackets is added for clarity and was not part of the location's name.

Opened on the New Monkland Line (Monkland Railways).


This was a two platform station. The line is open but station closed in 1956. The main station building was on the eastbound platform. There was a signal box at the west end of the westbound platform. The box closed in 1965. There was a small goods yard to the north of the westbound platform, approached from the west.

At the west end was a good and mineral branch running south to Gartness Goods. This branch closed by the 1960s and became a short siding only.

Not far from the east end was the Moffat Mills Branch (or Springbank Branch).

The line closed in the early 1980s, lastly used for access to the Inverhouse Distillery via the Moffat Mills Branch. The line re-opened in 2010 and a new station built just to the west at Drumgelloch.

Note: this station was never known as ^Clarkston (Lanarks)^, ^(Lanark)^ was added to the name by British Railways in 1953.




Gaelic name: Lannraig


Vanished Railways of West Lothian