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Chevington (1871-1958)

Opened on the Newcastle and Berwick Railway.


This was a two platform station with staggered platforms on either side of a level crossing. The northbound platform was to the north and southbound to the south. The main station building was opposite the northbound and on the east side of the line.

Also opposite the northbound platform were some goods sidings, approached from the south, over the level crossing. Opposite the southbound platform were further sidings, approached from the north, over the level crossing. Chevington is the area to the north east of the station, once an area with several mines.

Additional sidings were laid in on the west side, approached from the north and behind the northbound platform.

The station building remains standing. The additional sidings are now a permanent way depot. The base of the former signal box still stands, on the south side of the crossing and west side of the line.

To the north of the station was Amble Branch Junction. Running north from the former station as far as this junction there are loops on either side of the line.

To the south is Feltonlane Crossing. Between the station and crossing was a colliery line served from a triangular junction on the east side of the line.




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