Carstairs No 1 Signal Box

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Names and dates

Carstairs West Signal Box (-1902)
Carstairs No 1 Signal Box (1902-1972)

Opened on the Caledonian Railway.


This signal box was west of Carstairs station, controlling sidings on either side of the line west to Glasgow. The box was on the north side of the line with a tramway to a sand pit running behind it to the north.

Single ended sidings on the north side of the line ran west from the box.

Further sidings run east on the south side of the line. These became the engineers' sidings just west of the station (not longer in use).

The box was renamed around 1902 during the reconstruction of Carstairs station. Boxes around the station were numbered rather than continue to be named for their geographical location, which were not always particularly helpful.

In preparation for electrification the box closed in 1972 when taken over by a short lived panel box before control passed to the Motherwell Signalling Centre.



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