Burghead [2nd]

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Burghead [2nd] (1892-1931)

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Opened on the Hopeman Branch (Highland Railway).


This was a single platform station. The timber station building was in the Highland Railway style.

The station replaced [Burghead [1st] ]] station, which was to the west and left on a short branch once the extension opened. The junction between the original line and extension was immediately south of the station. A loop ran from the junction north to the new station controlled by a signal box at the junction. The box opened in 1892, with the new station, and controlled both the loop and junction. In the original formation there was no loop through the station.

The station closed to passengers in 1931. The line through to Hopeman closed in 1957. The signal box closed in 1960.

The line was relaid in the 1970s and remained open after closure to passengers until the 1980s to serve Burghead Maltings, just to the north of the station. The line had been saved by the opening of the maltings and was extended from the junction into the new works. A loop was provided through the station to the maltings.

After the line was cut back to south of the station, in the 1990s, the building survived for a number of years until burned down.

To the south of the junction there had been a long run of blower structures, the Burghead Blower, built on the seaward side of the line. These were to prevent the line being buried in sandstorms. The design was the same as snowblowers elsewhere on the Highland Railway network, but only built on one side of the line.



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