Broughton [Lancashire] [1st]

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Broughton [Lancashire] [1st] (1840-1840)

Opened on the Lancaster and Preston Junction Railway.

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This was a short lived station to the west of Broughton. Opened 26 June 1840 and closed and replaced by Broughton [Lancashire] [2nd], which was further north, in November 1840. Nothing now remains.

The line was quadrupled with the addition of two further tracks to the west and a replacement Crow Hall Bridge. Spoil was dumped on the west side of the line to the north at Barton Brook Bridge.

The line has now reverted to two tracks to the south of the station but a loop runs up the west side of the line as far as Barton and Broughton station, the replacement (but now closed) station to the north.