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Bennie Railplane

Opened on the Bennie Railplane.


This was a 426 ft demonstration structure built over the Burnbrae Goods line near Milngavie. A well appointed torpedo shaped 'car', with a propeller at each end (built by William Beardmore), was suspended from a single rail held up by a series of pylons on a west-east alignment at a height of 80 ft over the conventional railway. Access to the car was from a platform on the structure at its west end. It was built for George Bennie and a demonstration run was held on the 30th of July 1930. The system was not taken up.

Rather surprisingly the structure survived the Second World War without being scrapped for the war effort. Its increasingly derelict remains became a dangerous playground for local children and it was demolished. Bennie himself died in 1957.

Little remains today other than some of the concrete footings of the pylons.


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