Bellingham (North Tyne)

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Bellingham [NBR] (1861-1926)
Bellingham (North Tyne) (1926-1956)

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Opened on the Border Counties Railway.


This was a single platform station in the east of Bellingham. The platform was on the south side of the line with a two storey station building.

There were two looped sidings opposite the platform and a loading bank at the east end, north side of the line.

The signal box was on the platform, just east of the station building.

The station closed to passengers in 1956. The box and line closed in 1963.

After many years as a council depot the former station found a new use.

Today The Heritage Centre at Bellingham Northumberland is in the station yard, a new building built at the west end of the site. Two carriages alongside the platform are a restaurant. The station building still stands.



Chronology Dates

11/11/1963Border Counties Railway
Bellingham (North Tyne) to Reedsmouth closed completely.

News items

15/04/2011Bellingham Heritage Centre hopes train will boost tourism [The Journal]
11/04/2011Old railway coaches return to Northumberland museum [BBC]


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