Baillieston [1st]

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Baillieston [1st] (1866-1964)

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Opened on the Rutherglen and Coatbridge Branch (Caledonian Railway).


The original station was further east than today's Baillieston station. It was a two platform station with the main station building on the eastbound platform (closer to the village, as it then was, of Baillieston which was to the north). There was a waiting room on the westbound platform. The east end of the eastbound platform had a water tank for locomotives.

The goods yard was on the north side, approached from the east by reversal. The signal box was on the north side of the line and east of the station where the goods sidings came off.

Bredisholm Colliery Ellismuir Pit No 2, Bredisholm Colliery Ellismuir Pit No 2 and Bredisholm Colliery Brick Works were to the east on the south side of the line. These were approached from the west.

The box was replaced, the new box being on the south side of the line east of the station. The goods yard was enlarged with further sidings laid on the north side.

The station closed in 1964. The box closed in 1973, replaced by the Motherwell Signalling Centre. The line re-opened to a stopping passenger service in 1993.

West of the station was Calderbank Colliery Signal Box for the short branch south, through a tunnel, to Calderbank Colliery Pit No 1.