Beattock Bank Ballast Quarry

Extract of OS map showing 'Old Quarry', a side cutting, adjacent to Beattock Bank rockfill embankment on the Caledonian Railway mainline between Greskine and Harthope. A side-cutting was an excavation of the ground beside the route of a railway where extra material was wrought to create an embankment when insufficient material could economically be brought from the nearest cutting excavation. This quarry most likely also supplied the earlies ballast for the permanent way in which case it needed to be broken down into smaller pieces by hand using sledgehammers.
With permission from the National Library of Scotland

Location: Beattock Bank Ballast Quarry

Company: Caledonian Railway

Photographer: Charlie Niven

Contact photographer: Charlie Niven

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Date: 12/05/2020

Image number: 73048