Turkey Street

Turkey Street station, in a residential area of Enfield, looking south on 1st January 2020. It was opened as Forty Hill by the GER on its new Churchbury Loop from Lower Edmonton (now Edmonton Green) to Cheshunt on 1st October 1891 and also with stations at Churchbury and Theobalds Grove. After the opening of a tramway to Waltham Cross along the parallel Hertford Road in 1904, this took a lot of the Loop's passenger traffic and it was closed on 1st October 1909. It reopened for four years during WWI for munitions workers at the factories on Hertford Road and this also included a new halt at Carterhatch Lane. After 1919, the line was little-used until it was suddenly reopened and electrified on 21st November 1960 as part of the north-east London electrification scheme that included the Enfield Town and Chingford lines. The three long disused stations were all reopened with Churchbury renamed Southbury (with the line being renamed the Southbury Loop) and Forty Hill renamed Turkey Street, only Theobalds Grove retaining its original name. However Carterhatch Lane was not reopened, despite much residential development in its catchment area since 1919.

Location: Turkey Street

Company: Churchbury Loop (Great Eastern Railway)

Photographer: David Bosher

Make contact: David Bosher

Date: 01/01/2020

Image number: 72181

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