Although the border town of Gmuend in Lower Austria retained a large allocation of 2-8-2T locos until 1976, there was little in the way of standard gauge steam working in and out of the town itself (operations were centred on the sub-shed at Schwarzenau some 15 miles to the east), so that apart from a couple of workings on the narrow-gauge, the highlight of a morning spent there was the appearance of a transfer freight from Ceske Velenice on the Czech side of the border. This was normally worked by CSD No. 556 0506, a Skoda built 2-10-0 to a very advanced design, of which 510 examples were constructed between 1951 and 1958. It is seen here between the border and Gmuend station on 11th September 1975.

Location: Gmuend

Company: OBB

Photographer: Bill Jamieson

Make contact: Bill Jamieson

Date: 11/09/1975

Image number: 51221

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