Burntisland East Dock

Burntisland East Dock, looking west on 31 March 2002. Later that year the familiar Bulkhandling 5 no longer had a reason to visit the dock as the Burntisland alumina plant closed. Shortly after that the (clearly) redundant lines in the foreground were largely tarred over when the area became a temporary road. Next those anthropomorphic cranes were cut up in the summer of 2009 after several years as a de facto pigeon loft. Later in 2009 the junction from the main line to the docks was finally severed after years of disuse, bringing to an end the sound of clattering trains to Burntisland Links.

Location: Burntisland East Dock

Company: Edinburgh and Northern Railway

Photographer: David Panton

Make contact: David Panton

Date: 31/05/2002

Image number: 26785

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