The rear of a 4-car 158 as it approaches Platform 2 at Stirling on 16 June with a Dunblane service. the driver has a clear road right through Stirling as far as Dunblane. Point of interest - the signal post shows (from top down) Stirling Middles Down Starter Cleared. Stirling Norths Down Distant cleared and Stirling Middles rather rare Calling On signal. The calling on signal is used when the track ahead (at the station platform) is already occupied by a train and a following train is to be allowed to share the same section of track at the platform (and be prepared to stop before running into it). Another surviving Calling On signal is to be found at Girvan.

Location: Stirling

Company: Scottish Central Railway

Photographer: David Panton

Make contact: David Panton

Date: 16/06/2009

Image number: 24356

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