Windsor Branch (Great Western Railway)

Portions of line and locations

This line is divided into a number of portions.

Slough to Windsor

With the cloud base at 1200' the view from this plane landing at Heathrow only just opened up in time to photograph Windsor. Central station is the ...
Mark Bartlett 06/04/2019
Metro Cammell DMU 101 202 waits at the platform at Windsor and Eton Central in 1987. [Ref query 932] ...
Bill Roberton //1987
GWR 165137 stands in the truncated Windsor & Eton Central platform, which will now only accommodate a 3-car DMU. This image was taken from just behind ...
Mark Bartlett 27/01/2018
Grab shot from a Class 165 DMU showing part of the viaduct on the GWR Windsor branch in January 2018. The branch is only two miles long and over a ...
Mark Bartlett 27/01/2018
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Slough West Curve