Vale of Rheidol Railway


22/12/1902[Vale of Rheidol Railway]
Aberystwyth Smithfield opened.
31/07/1925[Vale of Rheidol Railway]
Aberystwyth opened.
31/07/1925[Vale of Rheidol Railway]
Aberystwyth Smithfield replaced by Aberystwyth.
31/08/1939[Vale of Rheidol Railway]
Aberystwyth closed.
23/07/1945[Vale of Rheidol Railway]
Aberystwyth re-opened.
17/04/1968[Vale of Rheidol Railway]
Aberystwyth rebuilt by main station.
06/11/1988[Vale of Rheidol Railway]
Aberffrwd closed

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

When expertly handled, oil-firing should be virtually smoke-free, but fortunately for the photographer this is not always the case! No. 9 Prince of ...
Bill Jamieson 29/05/1984

Scene at Aberffrwd on the Vale of Rheidol in July 1981. The passing loop had been removed at that time but seems now to have been reinstated. ...
Colin Miller /07/1981
...and you! Scene at Aberffrwd on the Vale of Rheidol line in July 1970. ...
Ian Dinmore /07/1970

This is a single platform station with waiting shelter and water for locomotives. ...

More details
The water tank at Nantyronen on the Vale of Rheidol line, used to replenish locomotives on the very demanding rising gradient when working towards ...
David Pesterfield 30/05/2012

The new westbound platform at Capel Bangor in May 2012, seen from the 10.30 Vale of Rheidol service to Devils Bridge. ...
David Pesterfield 30/05/2012
No 7 approaching Capel Bangor on the Vale of Rheidol line with a train for Devils Bridge in September 1988. ...
Ian Dinmore 07/09/1988
Llywelyn was given a lined blue livery in 1978, but this only lasted three years before the decision was made to apply 'historical' liveries to ...
Bill Jamieson 02/04/1983

The last of the VoR locos to lose BR blue was No. 7, which reverted in 1983 to a variation on lined BR green . However the name and number plates ...
Bill Jamieson 04/11/1988

Vale of Rheidol No 8 lays over in the headshunt at Devils Bridge for some 30 minutes before running round the rake of carriages to form the 12.00 ...
David Pesterfield 30/05/2012
A view of the Vale of Rheidol Devils Bridge terminus looking towards the station throat from the buffer stops on 18th September 2016. ...
Mark Bartlett 18/09/2016
Scene on the Vale of Rheidol Railway in 1974 near Devils Bridge. ...
Ian Dinmore //1974
VoR No 8 runs back into Devils Bridge station in May 2012 to couple up to its rake of carriages and form the 12.00 return service to Aberystwyth. ...
David Pesterfield 30/05/2012