Vale of Glamorgan Railway


26/08/1889Vale of Glamorgan Railway
Act passed.
01/12/1897Vale of Glamorgan Railway
Aberthaw opened
01/12/1897Vale of Glamorgan Railway
Opened to minerals and passengers.
10/01/1898Vale of Glamorgan Railway
Porthkerry Park viaduct sinks leading to line closure.
  /  /1899Vale of Glamorgan Railway
Line re-opened with temporary Porthkerry viaduct.
08/01/1900Vale of Glamorgan Railway
Porthkerry Park viaduct re-build completed.
  /  /1921Vale of Glamorgan Railway
Merged with Great Western Railway.
01/07/1924Vale of Glamorgan Railway
Aberthaw renamed Aberthaw High Level
07/05/1945Vale of Glamorgan Railway
Aberthaw High Level renamed Aberthaw
  /  /1963Vale of Glamorgan Railway
Starts to close to local frieght.
15/06/1964Vale of Glamorgan Railway
Aberthaw closed
15/06/1964Vale of Glamorgan Railway
The Bridgend loop from Cowbridge Road to Coity Junction is closed to through traffic.
15/06/1964Vale of Glamorgan Railway
Closed to passengers.
  /  /1967Vale of Glamorgan Railway
Local frieght withdrawn.
28/11/1977Vale of Glamorgan Railway
Bridgend and Coity goods depot closed.
15/01/1980Vale of Glamorgan Railway
Branch opened from Ewenny to Ford Motor Company by Bridgend.

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

The parting of the ways - the Ford engine factory branch leaving the Vale of Glamorgan line, one way and another. ...
Ken Strachan 27/08/2019
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Bridgend to Cardiff service approaching Llantwit Major. ...
Alastair McLellan 19/03/2018
A pair of Pacers on a Bridgend to Cardiff Central service depart from Llantwit Major on 19th March 2018. ...
Alastair McLellan 19/03/2018
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150262, working from Bridgend to Cardiff Central, passing the junction for Aberthaw Power Station in April 2018.
Alastair McLellan 02/04/2018
150262, on a Bridgend to Cardiff Central service, seen at Aberthaw on 2nd April 2018.
Alastair McLellan 02/04/2018
The remains of Aberthaw Signal box and station platform in April 2018.
Alastair McLellan 02/04/2018
66083 passing Aberthaw on 2nd April 2018 with a Hope (Earles Sidings) Dbs to Cwmbargoed Opencast empties.
Alastair McLellan 02/04/2018
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Rhoose Cardiff International Airport. Could this be this Britain's second longest station name? ...
Alastair McLellan 19/03/2018
66137 approaching Rhoose on a Hope (Earles Sidings) Dbs to Cwmbargoed Opencast Colliery empties. ...
Alastair McLellan 20/03/2018
Arriva Trains Wales Merthyr Tydfil to Bridgend service approaching Rhoose. The platforms are split with one either side of the level crossing. ...
Alastair McLellan 20/03/2018
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Swindon built Standard Class 4 4-6-0 75078 is seen on the Hood Road reception siding at Barry, shortly after arrival in October 1966, following ...
David Pesterfield 23/10/1966
Branch Line Society 'South Wales Wanderer' railtour at Barry, during the course of visiting various power stations and collieries around Cardiff in a ...
Doug Nicholls 07/07/1973
Having last visited Barry in 1990, I didn't expect to find good facilities at the station. So this cafe and art display was a very pleasant surprise. ...
Ken Strachan 27/08/2019
Fireman's view from the cab of a Barry resident, looking along the rusting lines in October 1975. Although some had left for preservation by this ...
Mark Bartlett 28/10/1975
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