Raasay Iron Railway


This line is closed. The line ran from iron mines on Raasay to a crushing plant. Ore was taken by conveyor to hoppers on a pierhead.


  /  /1880William Baird & Co Raasay Iron Railway
Opens iron mines on Raasay.
  /  /1913Raasay Iron Railway
Opened by William Baird & Co to connect Inverarish Ore Mine 1 to a plant and pier at Suisnish Pier.
  /  /1919Raasay Iron Railway
Lines and mines closed.

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

William Baird and Co, of the Gartsherrie Iron Works, developed iron ore mines, an iron ore processing plant and a railway to connect them on the Isle of Raasay. The plant was located above a pier for exporting the ore.

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This underground iron ore mine was on the island of Raasay at the north end of a narrow gauge line to the crushing plant, kilns, hoppers and pier at Suisnish Pier.

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This iron ore mine was to the west of Inverarish Ore Mine 1. Its main use was by William Baird and Co of the Gartsherrie Iron Works during the Great War. Bairds bought both Raasay and Rona to secure an ore supply, Spain not being easily accessible in the war. The mines were worked with prisoner of war manpower.

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