Midland Railway


  /10/1878Hawes Branch (North Eastern Railway)
Opened for passengers to meet the Hawes Branch (Midland Railway) over which the North Eastern Railway had running powers to Hawes Junction (now Garsdale). Built as a single track line.
  /02/1880[Nottingham and Melton Line] ([Midland Railway])
Opened to local passenger trains.
  /02/1885[Nottingham and Melton Line] ([Midland Railway])
Holwell Branch brought into use.
16/05/1888~[Midland Railway]
Addingham opened.
  /07/1888[Nottingham and Melton Line] ([Midland Railway])
London St Pancras - Glasgow/Edinburgh trains start to use line.
30/06/1889[Swansea Vale and Neath and Brecon Junction Railway]
[Midland Railway] ceases to operate Colbren to Ynysgeinon at end of agreement.
22/07/1889[Swansea Vale and Neath and Brecon Junction Railway]
[Midland Railway] re-operates Colbren to Ynysgeinon after Sir Edward Watkin takes the company to court.
  /  /1959[Hawes Branch MR] ([Midland Railway])
Hawes to Garsdale closed.
22/03/1965~[Midland Railway]
Addingham closed.
29/04/1967[Nottingham and Melton Line] ([Midland Railway])
Line closed to passenger expresses. It was latterly used by express trains until the WCML was upgraded.
01/11/1968[Nottingham and Melton Line] ([Midland Railway])
Last freight train.
04/11/1968[Nottingham and Melton Line] ([Midland Railway])
Closed as through route. The line was then developed as a test track and was host to trains such as the APT and Pendolinos as well as the famous test crash of a train into a nuclear flask.
31/01/1995[Settle and Carlisle Line] ([Midland Railway])
A guard killed and 40 injured in an accident at Aisgill.
14/11/2005Nottingham and Melton Line (Midland Railway)
Neither Network Rail nor the Government express any interest in taking over the now redundant test track.