Mawddwy Railway


  /  /1865Mawddwy Railway
Aberangell opened
17/04/1901Mawddwy Railway
Aberangell closed
31/07/1911Mawddwy Railway
Aberangell re-opened
01/01/1931Mawddwy Railway
Aberangell closed

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

A TfW Class 158 DMU on an eastbound service approaches the site of the former Cemmes Road station on 17 September 2019. ...
John McIntyre 17/09/2019
158841 heads east at Cemmes Road on 17 September 2019. The station building is on the right and this used to be the junction for the Mawddwy Railway ...
John McIntyre 17/09/2019
Cemmes Road station, on the Cambrian main line, in September 2016. The one time junction for the Dinas Mawddwy branch closed in 1965 but the station ...
Mark Bartlett 17/09/2016
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The old goods shed at Dinas Mawddyy, which survived for a long time as a workshop after the 1951 freight closure, has been demolished and a single ...
Mark Bartlett 17/09/2016
The old branch terminus at Dinas Mawddwy, looking towards the buffer stops in September 2016. The station closed to passengers in 1931 and ...
Mark Bartlett 17/09/2016
The old station at Dinas Mawddwy, terminus of the line from Cemmaes Road, closed to passengers in 1931, goods 1951. Photographed in 1981 when in use ...
Colin Miller //1981
The old goods shed at Dinas Mawddy in July 1981 as modified for use as a workshop - with the remains of a water crane in the foreground. ...
Colin Miller /07/1981
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