Leeds and Selby Railway


This line is open.


  /  /1830[Leeds and Selby Railway]
Act passed
  /  /1841[Leeds and Selby Railway]
Line opened

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

Having seen the 'Western Finale' pass through Normanton earlier on its northbound journey from Exeter [see image 38590], it was possible to intercept ...
Bill Jamieson 12/02/1977

GNER train southbound on the ECML approaching Hambleton. ...
Ewan Crawford //

Goods facilities befitting a major junction station on the ECML. The railway in and around Selby is much changed since the opening of the current ...
John Furnevel 29/09/2008
View north east from Selby station on 29 September 2008 as a Northern York - Hull service pulls away from platform 1 and heads for the swing bridge. ...
John Furnevel 29/09/2008
Scene at Selby station looking west from below the footbridge in September 2008. The view shows the wide open spaces between the platforms here - a ...
John Furnevel 12/09/2008
55006 'Fife and Forfar Yeomanry' Selby Station, northbound at 1312 hours on 23 August 1979. ...
Peter Todd 23/08/1979