Glamorganshire Canal


  /  /1790Glamorganshire Canal
  /  /1798Glamorganshire Canal
Basin and sea lock opened in Cardiff.
  /  /1835Glamorganshire Canal
Starts to suffer congestion.
  /  /1882Glamorganshire Canal
A link is opened between the Sea Lock and Canal Basin in Cardiff to the South Wales Railway.
  /  /1885Glamorganshire Canal
Acquired by the Marquis of Bute for conversion to a railway later in 1898 - not converted.
  /  /1896Bute Docks Company
Buy the Glamorganshire Canal and Aberdare Canal.
  /  /1943Glamorganshire Canal
Cardiff Corporation applies for powers to acquire and close the canal.
  /  /1951Glamorganshire Canal
Last section of canal, the basin and sea lock, closed on accidental destruction of the sea lock gates.
23/02/1963Glamorganshire Canal
Cardiff Corporation closes the last part of the Glamorganshire Canal's operation; a link between the sea lock and canal basin and sidings on the South Wales Railway.