Cairnryan Military Railway


This military railway ran from Cairnryan Junction, Stranraer to a military harbour at Cairn Point. The name of the line could be abbreviated to CMR. Cairnryan was also known as Military Port number 2.


20/01/1941Cairnryan Military Railway
Construction begins.
11/10/1942Cairnryan Military Railway
Cairnryan Junction signalbox opened.
11/10/1942Portpatrick Railway
Cairnryan Junction signalbox for the Cairnryan Military Railway opened.
  /  /1943Cairnryan Military Railway
  /  /1945Cairnryan Military Railway
Surplus munitions start to be dumped in the Beaufort^s Dyke, much conveyed by rail to Cairnryan.
  /  /1958Cairnryan Military Railway
Dumping of munitions in the Beaufort^s Dyke ceases.
  /  /1959Cairnryan Military Railway
Out of military use.
  /  /1962Cairnryan Military Railway
Line and Cairnryan Junction signalbox closed.
  /  /1962Portpatrick Railway
Cairnryan Military Railway and Cairnryan Junction signal box closed.

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

This junction opened with the Cairnryan railway (Military Port No 2) in 1942. A second hand Caledonian Railway signal box was used, placed on the south side of the line where the sidings were on the north side, approached from the east.

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The overgrown Cairnryan Junction looking west. ...
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Site of London Road station on the Cairnryan Military Railway. ...
Ewan Crawford //
Then north abutment of Bridge No.4 on the Cairnryan Military Railway over London Road (A75), Stranraer. August 2008. ...
Bill Roberton /08/2008
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Two fast vessels passing off Cairnryan around 2008. This video still shows ^HSS Stena Voyager^ and the P&O ^Superfast Express^. The HSS was taken out ...
Colin Miller //2008
Looking north at the former station at Cairnryan point. ...
Ewan Crawford //
From platform to clothes dryer: the old platform at Cairnryan. ...
Ewan Crawford 17/10/2004
Track still on the old pier. Looking south at Cainryan. ...
Ewan Crawford 17/10/2004
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