Work at Cowlairs

A new Maintenance Centre has to be built at Cowlairs. This is located on the site of the former Cowlairs Carriage Sidings depot which were completely cleared. Establishing this centre will lead to the closure of other sites such as Cathcart, Central, 2 at Cowlairs, Rutherglen and Shettleston. The new centre will be used for briefings and for clocking on and off.

Nearby a new Signalling Centre is to be establised. This will be located on the site of the Turkey Sidings. It will be similar to the new signalling centre at Derby, although with only two floors. The centre will be finished towards the end of 2007 and commissioned in 2008. This is part of the huge investment of �200M in signalling, �20M of which will be at Cowlairs.

Work to clear the sites began on Monday the 16th of October 2007.

Ewan Crawford
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