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David Bosher

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<h4><a href='/locations/M/Minehead'>Minehead</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/M/Minehead_Railway'>Minehead Railway</a></small></p><p>Minehead station, closed amid much local opposition in January 1971, seen here abandoned and derelict just 20 months later in September 1972 before its restoration and reopening as the terminus of the West Somerset Railway in 1976. 1/44</p><p>/09/1972<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/K/Kyle_of_Lochalsh'>Kyle of Lochalsh</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/K/Kyle_of_Lochalsh_Extension_Highland_Railway'>Kyle of Lochalsh Extension (Highland Railway)</a></small></p><p>The LCGB's weekend Railtour from Euston to Kyle of Lochalsh has now arrived at its destination, on 6th April 1974. 2/44</p><p>06/04/1974<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/Y/Yarmouth_IoW'>Yarmouth [IoW]</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/F/Freshwater,_Yarmouth_and_Newport_Railway'>Freshwater, Yarmouth and Newport Railway</a></small></p><p>The former Yarmouth station, Isle of Wight, closed on 21st September 1953, looking towards Newport during the long hot summer of 1976. Part of the building was initially adapted to house a local scouting group and today houses a restaurant named <I>'Off the Rails'</I>. See image <a href='/img/65/123/index.html'>65123</a> [Ref query 24 February 2019] 3/44</p><p>//1976<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/L/Llangollen'>Llangollen</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/L/Llangollen_and_Corwen_Railway'>Llangollen and Corwen Railway</a></small></p><p>Llangollen station, now the HQ of the Llangollen Railway, the only standard gauge heritage railway in North Wales, seen here in the throes of restoration work in July 1980. The station on the one-time Ruabon to Barmouth line had closed 16 years earlier. 4/44</p><p>/07/1980<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/B/Blake_Hall'>Blake Hall</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/O/Ongar_Extension_Great_Eastern_Railway'>Ongar Extension (Great Eastern Railway)</a></small></p><p>A rather grainy image of Blake Hall station, looking towards Epping, on the last day of services here but not on the line, Saturday, 31st October 1981, the official closure date being two days later.  The line stayed open until 30th September 1994. Opened by the Great Eastern Railway on 24th April 1865 with the extension of the Loughton branch to Ongar.  Even though London Underground Central Line trains had reached Epping over ex-GER (later LNER) tracks in 1949, a steam shuttle continued to run between Epping and Ongar until 1957.  For 37 years, the tube trains on this very rural stretch of line always looked decidedly out of place as they bounced incongruously through Epping Forest and the fields of the Essex countryside.   Much of the line is now the heritage Epping Ongar Railway although Blake Hall station, literally in the middle of nowhere and at one time the most remote and least-used on the London Underground network, has not been reopened.   The building is now a private residence. 5/44</p><p>31/10/1981<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/N/North_Weald'>North Weald</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/O/Ongar_Extension_Great_Eastern_Railway'>Ongar Extension (Great Eastern Railway)</a></small></p><p>LUL 1962 stock with a Central Line train on the Epping to Ongar section at North Weald station in April 1982. The train is actually departing and heading away from the camera towards Epping. This station was opened by the GER in 1865 and first served by London Underground tube trains in 1957. The passing loop, which had been laid in by BR Eastern Region in 1949 on behalf of London Transport, was removed by LT in 1976. The loop and its platform and the goods yard have now all been restored as part of the heritage Epping Ongar Railway. 6/44</p><p>/04/1982<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/C/Crouch_End'>Crouch End</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/E/Edgware,_Highgate_and_London_Railway'>Edgware, Highgate and London Railway</a></small></p><p>Platform remains at Crouch End station, looking towards Alexandra Palace, in heavy snow on 5th February 2012. Opened by the Edgware, Highgate & London Railway (later absorbed by the GNR) in 1867, this line almost became part of the LUL Northern Line with over £1 million being spent on the project before 1939. After the war, the scheme was not proceeded with even though conductor rails had been laid all the way and the platforms at Crouch End, seen here, reconstructed to adjust to tube train height. Steam trains continued to ply up the gradients from Finsbury Park until the line, once promised a bright new future, was closed instead, on 5th July 1954.    7/44</p><p>05/02/2012<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/B/Bishopsgate'>Bishopsgate</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/L/London_to_Colchester_Eastern_Counties_Railway'>London to Colchester (Eastern Counties Railway)</a></small></p><p>The former Eastern Counties Railway viaduct of 1840 that led into and out of the line's original terminus, opened in 1840 as Shoreditch and renamed Bishopsgate the following year, seen here looking east from the new London Overground Shoreditch High Street station on 13th November 2012. The station became a goods station in 1876 after the extension to Liverpool Street was fully opened by the GER and which dived down beneath the original terminus and on which two low level platforms were opened. These closed as a First World War economy in 1915 and never reopened although one platform is still well maintained for use as an emergency exit. The original terminus which became Bishopsgate High Level survived as a goods station until severely damaged by fire in December 1964 and in which two railway workers tragically lost their lives. See image <a href='/img/71/235/index.html'>71235</a> 8/44</p><p>13/11/2012<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/B/Barbican'>Barbican</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/W/Widened_Lines_Metropolitan_Railway'>Widened Lines (Metropolitan Railway)</a></small></p><p>The disused Widened Lines platforms at Barbican station, with the still extant Circle, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan Lines platforms on the left, looking east in the snow on Sunday, 20th January 2013. This station opened as Aldersgate Street in 1865 with the extension of the Metropolitan Railway from Farringdon Street (now Farringdon) to Moorgate Street (now Moorgate) and was renamed Aldersgate & Barbican in 1923 (though it was never shown on the famous London Underground diagram as such, only as Aldersgate) and finally to just Barbican in 1968.  The former all-over glass roof was destroyed in the London Blitz of World War Two and the frame was taken down in 1955 but it is still possible to see the support brackets on the walls of the two side platforms, above the replacement canopies. For many years, this station was closed on Sundays but is now open full-time again. 9/44</p><p>20/01/2013<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/O/Oldham_Werneth'>Oldham Werneth</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/O/Oldham_Mumps_Extension_Lancashire_and_Yorkshire_Railway'>Oldham Mumps Extension (Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway)</a></small></p><p>The Oldham Loop rail line was mostly converted for use by Manchester Metrolink trams in January 2014, apart from the section through the town's stations although that was used by trams for a few months before the new town centre street section was opened.   This view of the abandoned trackbed through the site of Werneth station, looking towards the tunnel, was taken from a Metrolink tram to Rochdale negotiating the sharp curve to the left that takes the trams onto reserved track before running 'on street' through Oldham town centre. They return to the former Loop line just beyond the replacement Oldham Mumps tram stop. Photograph taken on 22nd November 2014, 11 months after the new town centre tramway opened. See image <a href='/img/46/375/index.html'>46375</a> taken from this spot ten months earlier. 10/44</p><p>22/11/2014<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/S/Summerseat_Viaduct'>Summerseat Viaduct</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/E/East_Lancashire_Railway'>East Lancashire Railway</a></small></p><p>View from East Lancashire Railway train from Bury Bolton Street to Rawtenstall, crossing Summerseat Viaduct over the River Irwell, on 5th April 2016. The road bridge, and the building that used to stand on it, were devastated during flooding in 2015. Since that time the bridge has only been available for pedestrian use.  11/44</p><p>05/04/2016<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/H/Hale'>Hale</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/C/Cheshire_Midland_Railway'>Cheshire Midland Railway</a></small></p><p>Hale station on Chester to Stockport line, looking north from the level crossing, on a dismal 7th April 2016.   Trains generally run through from Chester to Manchester Piccadilly although a few occasionally terminate at Stockport.    The signal box is no longer in use. [Ref query 11 January 2019] 12/44</p><p>07/04/2016<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/M/Melrose'>Melrose</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/E/Edinburgh_and_Hawick_Railway_North_British_Railway'>Edinburgh and Hawick Railway (North British Railway)</a></small></p><p>The sad remains of the once splendid Melrose station, closed with the entire Waverley Route from Carlisle to Edinburgh Waverley on 6th January 1969, to widespread local opposition and protests, seen here on 15th May 2016. A second platform once stood on the left but was demolished - it would be - to make way for the Melrose road bypass. Given that there is ample room to lay a single track at this remaining platform, I am at a loss to understand why the new Borders Line was not continued on to here, especially as Melrose is a delightful Borders town and, with its ruined Abbey, a tourist spot in its own right.  Plus its just a short distance from Tweedbank too. 13/44</p><p>15/05/2016<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/H/Haggerston_1st'>Haggerston [1st]</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/N/North_London_Railway'>North London Railway</a></small></p><p>Remaining side platform at the original North London Railway Haggerston station on the Broad Street branch of 1865, added to the line in 1867, closed after war damage in 1940 and seen here on 15th December 2014. The derelict island platform on the west side of the viaduct was still in situ for many years and I can remember speeding past it on the rattly old 501 slam door units as a boy in the 1960s and well into my youth too. The line and Broad Street station closed in 1986 but most of it was reopened in 2010 and linked by a new stretch of track at Shoreditch to the former LUL East London Line. A brand new station at Haggerston situated just to the north of the 1867 station was opened at the same time. 14/44</p><p>15/02/2017<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/B/Blennerville'>Blennerville</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/T/Tralee_and_Dingle_Light_Railway'>Tralee and Dingle Light Railway</a></small></p><p>Looking towards Tralee from the overgrown platform and tracks at Blennerville on the former narrow gauge Tralee & Dingle Railway in County Kerry, Republic of Ireland, on 24th June 2017. This line originally closed to passengers in 1939 and to freight in 1953 but, in 1993, two miles were relaid and operated as a heritage steam railway from here to the outskirts of Tralee until 2013 when it sadly closed.   Despite an attempt to get the line reopened, so far this has not happened. 15/44</p><p>24/06/2017<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/L/Llandovery'>Llandovery</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/V/Vale_of_Towy_Railway'>Vale of Towy Railway</a></small></p><p>UK Railtours' excursion from London Paddington to Llandrindod Wells passing Llandovery station on the Heart of Wales Line, on 2nd September 2017.<br>See <a target=query href=/queries/closed.html>query 2046</a> 16/44</p><p>02/09/2017<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/M/Morningside_Road'>Morningside Road</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/E/Edinburgh,_Suburban_and_Southside_Junction_Railway'>Edinburgh, Suburban and Southside Junction Railway</a></small></p><p>Former Morningside Road station entrance, Edinburgh South Suburban Line, closed 1962, now a newsagents, on 22nd February 2018. 17/44</p><p>22/02/2018<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/N/Neidpath_Tunnel'>Neidpath Tunnel</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/S/Symington,_Biggar_and_Broughton_Railway'>Symington, Biggar and Broughton Railway</a></small></p><p>Neidpath Tunnel, eastern portal, looking west on 23rd February 2018. See image <a href='/img/19/410/index.html'>19410</a> for the same spot ten years earlier, since when some vegetation appears to have been cut back.  18/44</p><p>23/02/2018<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/N/Neidpath_Tunnel'>Neidpath Tunnel</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/S/Symington,_Biggar_and_Broughton_Railway'>Symington, Biggar and Broughton Railway</a></small></p><p>West portal of Neidpath Tunnel, now an unofficial footpath, on 23rd February 2018. 19/44</p><p>23/02/2018<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/N/Neidpath_Tunnel'>Neidpath Tunnel</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/S/Symington,_Biggar_and_Broughton_Railway'>Symington, Biggar and Broughton Railway</a></small></p><p>Looking west towards the eastern portal of Neidpath Tunnel on 23rd February 2018. 20/44</p><p>23/02/2018<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/S/Shieling_Station'>Shieling Station</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/C/Cairngorm_Mountain_Railway'>Cairngorm Mountain Railway</a></small></p><p>Ascending Cairngorm Mountain Railway car, seen from the descending car at the mid-way passing point on 24th February 2018. 21/44</p><p>24/02/2018<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/S/Stow'>Stow</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/E/Edinburgh_and_Hawick_Railway_North_British_Railway'>Edinburgh and Hawick Railway (North British Railway)</a></small></p><p>Stow station, closed 1969, reopened 2015, seen in heavy snow from 170404 departing with a service from Edinburgh Waverley to Tweedbank on 27th February 2018. 22/44</p><p>27/02/2018<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/S/Stow'>Stow</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/E/Edinburgh_and_Hawick_Railway_North_British_Railway'>Edinburgh and Hawick Railway (North British Railway)</a></small></p><p>Wintry scene just south of Stow, seen from 170404 working from Edinburgh Waverley to Tweedbank on 27th February 2018. 23/44</p><p>27/02/2018<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/E/East_Linton_1st'>East Linton [1st]</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/N/North_British_Railway'>North British Railway</a></small></p><p>The former East Linton station, closed 4th May 1964, seen from the delayed ex-14.00 service from Edinburgh Waverley to London King's Cross making an unscheduled stop due to heavy snow - the Beast from the East - on 28th February 2018.  The train left Edinburgh nearly an hour late and at the time it should have been back at King's Cross was still sitting in Alnmouth station. The train was then terminated at Newcastle, everyone had to change to another train and it was standing room only all the way to York. We eventually arrived in London at 01.17 on 1st March but free taxis were laid on to get people home and the taxi marshalls did an excellent job cyphoning passengers into cabs going in the same direction as their homes.  The roads were treacherous and it took nearly an hour just to get to my home in north London where I arrived just after 2 a.m.; one gentleman wanted to go all the way to Chingford, goodness knows what time he got home. 24/44</p><p>28/02/2018<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/C/Claydon_LNE_Junction'>Claydon LNE Junction</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/B/Buckinghamshire_Railway'>Buckinghamshire Railway</a></small></p><p>Re Ken Strachan's photo of a trackless Claydon LNE Junction See image <a href='/img/66/823/index.html'>66823</a>, and in answer to his question was track here until recently? The answer is 'Yes'.  A UK Railtours excursion traversed the line from Claydon towards Oxford on 17th March 2018. I think this may have been the last excursion train to use the line before the track was lifted for reconstruction as part of the East/West Rail Link. This view is looking towards Oxford from the excursion train approaching Claydon LNE Junction from the Calvert spur on the said date. 25/44</p><p>17/03/2018<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/B/Bronwydd_Arms'>Bronwydd Arms</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/C/Carmarthen_and_Cardigan_Railway'>Carmarthen and Cardigan Railway</a></small></p><p>First view of the Gwili Railway from coach from Ferryside station on the GWR main line to Bronwydd Arms, courtesy of UK Railtours, on 9th June 2018, looking north. The location is about 3/4 of a mile south of Bronwydd Arms.  This is the track of the  heritage railway's southern extension to Abergwili Junction, opened just under a year earlier, on 1st July 2017.   The afon/river Gwili can be made out amongst the trees and bushes on the right. 26/44</p><p>09/06/2018<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/A/Ashington'>Ashington</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/N/Newbiggin_Branch_Blyth_and_Tyne_Railway'>Newbiggin Branch (Blyth and Tyne Railway)</a></small></p><p>Weed-infested platform remains, minus all buildings, at Ashington station, Northumberland, closed with the line in 1964, looking south towards Newcastle, on 15th June 2018. A news report on 23rd January 2021 stated that £34 million funding has been found for the restoration of passenger services. The current estimate is an opening date in 2025. Lets hope so but it does sound a little ambitious, especially with the dreadful ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 27/44</p><p>15/06/2018<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/D/Downpatrick'>Downpatrick</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/B/Belfast_and_County_Down_Railway'>Belfast and County Down Railway</a></small></p><p>Broad gauge diesel unit on siding at Downpatrick station, Downpatrick & County Down Railway, Northern Ireland, on 28th July 2018. 28/44</p><p>28/07/2018<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/D/Downpatrick'>Downpatrick</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/B/Belfast_and_County_Down_Railway'>Belfast and County Down Railway</a></small></p><p>Broad gauge stock on shed at Downpatrick, seen from station, Downpatrick & County Down Railway, Northern Ireland, on 28th July 2018. 29/44</p><p>28/07/2018<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/P/Poulton-le-Fylde'>Poulton-le-Fylde</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/P/Preston_and_Wyre_Railway,_Dock_and_Harbour'>Preston and Wyre Railway, Dock and Harbour</a></small></p><p>UK Railtours excursion from London Euston to Blackpool North passing the junction just west of Poulton-le-Fylde station on 3rd November 2018 with the former line to Fleetwood. The rails going off to the right are now disconnected and the site of the demolished signal box still visible. See image <a href='/img/19/29/index.html'>19029</a> for this location ten years earlier. 30/44</p><p>03/11/2018<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/K/Kentish_Town'>Kentish Town</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/L/London_Extension_Midland_Railway'>London Extension (Midland Railway)</a></small></p><p>These former platform canopies at Kentish Town station in north London now provide shelter for an al fresco coffee bar on the bridge over the Midland main line, seen here on 5th January 2019. The entrance to the LUL Northern Line station is just to the right. 31/44</p><p>05/01/2019<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/P/Perth_Princes_Street'>Perth Princes Street</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/D/Dundee_and_Perth_Railway'>Dundee and Perth Railway</a></small></p><p>After a brief stop at Perth, 'The Aberdonian' railtour from Edinburgh Waverley to Aberdeen behind Peppercorn A1 class no. 60163 'Tornado', gets under way again on 14th March 2019. 32/44</p><p>14/03/2019<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/A/Aberdeen'>Aberdeen</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/A/Aberdeen_Joint_Caledonian_Railway'>Aberdeen Joint (Caledonian Railway)</a></small></p><p>37706 bringing the stock of 'The Aberdonian' railtour into Aberdeen station, in readiness for the return journey to Edinburgh Waverley, with Peppercorn class A1 no. 60163 'Tornado' once again in charge at the head, on the evening of Thursday, 14th March 2019. 33/44</p><p>14/03/2019<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/R/Rogart'>Rogart</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/S/Sutherland_Railway'>Sutherland Railway</a></small></p><p>Former railway coach converted into overnight accommodation at Rogart on the Far North of Scotland Line, seen here on the evening of Sunday, 16th June 2019.   This is where Paul and I stayed for one night only before going on to Thurso and Wick the following day and then back to Alness in the evening.   I had never stayed in an old railway coach before and it was a most interesting and enjoyable experience that I can thoroughly recommend.   Anybody else wishing to enjoy a stay here can do so by contacting (and I have not been paid by the owners to say that.) 34/44</p><p>16/06/2019<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/S/Stanhope'>Stanhope</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/W/Wearhead_Extension_North_Eastern_Railway'>Wearhead Extension (North Eastern Railway)</a></small></p><p>Looking west through zoom lens from the footbridge at Stanhope station, Weardale Railway, County Durham with 67021 at the head of UK Railtours excursion from London King's Cross, just arrived on the afternoon of Saturday, 11th May 2019. The line once extended to Wearhead and closed to passengers in 1953. This view is looking west towards the mothballed section as far as Eastgate for which the Weardale Railway have plans to extend to although it will be several years from now until this dream is realised - if at all. 35/44</p><p>11/05/2019<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/M/Meridian_Water'>Meridian Water</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/N/Northern_and_Eastern_Railway'>Northern and Eastern Railway</a></small></p><p>View south from the noisy North Circular Road viaduct across the Lea Valley Line at Edmonton in north London, showing the new Meridian Water station under construction on 29th March 2019.    On the left is the bay platform for the new shuttle service to Stratford that will begin concurrently with the station's opening in May 2019 - unless, like Crossrail, there are any delays that go on forever.    The existing station at Angel Road, on the north side of the North Circular Road but not accessible from it, will then close. 36/44</p><p>29/03/2019<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/K/Keith'>Keith</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/G/Great_North_of_Scotland_Railway'>Great North of Scotland Railway</a></small></p><p>43134 arriving at Keith (formerly Keith Junction) with a Huntly to Inverness service, on 16th June 2019.  We were expecting another 158 unit so this was quite a pleasant surprise!   After a visit to the Keith & Dufftown Railway, we boarded this train back to Inverness and then made our way up the Far North Line to Rogart for an overnight stay in a converted railway coach berthed there. 37/44</p><p>16/06/2019<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/T/The_Mound'>The Mound</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/S/Sutherland_Railway'>Sutherland Railway</a></small></p><p>Substantial remains of the former The Mound station, one-time junction for the branch to Dornoch, being passed by 158720 from Inverness to Wick via Thurso, on the morning of Monday, 17th June 2019. Both the Dornoch branch and The Mound closed on 13th June 1960. The old station at Dornoch also survives to this day and which I visited way back in June 1990. See image <a href='/img/69/579/index.html'>69579</a>. 38/44</p><p>17/06/2019<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/C/Carnforth'>Carnforth</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/U/Ulverston_and_Lancaster_Railway'>Ulverston and Lancaster Railway</a></small></p><p>The south end of Carnforth station, where only the Furness line platforms are now in use, with E3137 (86259) now detached from this Railway Touring Company's excursion as it awaits the attachment of Jubilee Class no. 5699 (BR no. 45699, currently running as 45562 'Alberta') to take the train on to Carlisle, on 14th March 2020. On the right are the disused and partially demolished main line platforms which closed in May 1970, since when any passengers from the Furness Line wishing to travel north to, for instance, Oxenholme and Penrith, now have to go all the way down to Lancaster and come back up again.  Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard are conspicuous by their absence but I was hoping Rachmaninov's 2nd Piano Concerto, which played over the opening credits of the famous 1945 film 'Brief Encounter' when the station was nice and smoky in atmospheric black-and-white, would be played to herald our arrival. But alas. 39/44</p><p>14/03/2020<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/C/Carlisle'>Carlisle</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/C/Caledonian_Railway'>Caledonian Railway</a></small></p><p>Jubilee Class 45699 'Galatea', currently running as 45562 'Alberta', built at Crewe in 1936, just arrived at Carlisle, at lunchtime on Saturday, 14th March 2020. This locomotive brought this RTC excursion train from Carnforth taking over from E 3137 (86 259) from London. After a 90 minutes stopover here, it returned south via the Settle  & Carlisle and Clitheroe Lines to Preston though it was originally scheduled to run back behind steam to Carnforth via the Cumbrian Coast Line.  It was diverted following a landslide on the latter on the previous day. 40/44</p><p>14/03/2020<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/A/Appleby'>Appleby</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/S/Settle_and_Carlisle_Line_Midland_Railway'>Settle and Carlisle Line (Midland Railway)</a></small></p><p>Jubilee Class no. 5699 'Galatea' (BR no. 45699),  built at Crewe in 1936, restored at Carnforth and now currently running as 45562 'Alberta', with a Railway Touring Company excursion returning from Carlisle to Preston taking on water at Appleby station on the Settle & Carlisle Line, diverted from the Cumbrian Coast Line after a landslide the previous day, on the afternoon of Saturday, 14th March 2020. 41/44</p><p>14/03/2020<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/H/Hellifield'>Hellifield</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/N/North_Western_Railway'>North Western Railway</a></small></p><p>The present Hellifield station was opened by the Midland Railway on 1st June 1880, replacing an earlier station opened by the 'Little' North Western Railway in 1849. Despite its rather rundown appearance with disused track-removed bay platforms, it has been a Grade II Listed Structure since 1977.  The north end is seen here from RTC's return steam-hauled excursion from Carlisle to Preston, restarting after a water stop, on a rainy 14th March 2020. 42/44</p><p>14/03/2020<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/E/Epping_Forest'>Epping Forest</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/O/Ongar_Extension_Great_Eastern_Railway'>Ongar Extension (Great Eastern Railway)</a></small></p><p>View through rear of class 117 diesel unit returning from Epping Forest to North Weald on the Epping Ongar Railway, on 23rd February 2020. The train is passing beneath the bridge carrying the M11 motorway. When this was built in 1977, the line was still in use by LUL Central Line tube trains and the bridge only allowed enough headroom for their restricted height. When the line became a heritage line, the track beneath the bridge had to be lowered by a depth of 18 ft. to allow for the larger rolling stock that would thenceforth use the line. 43/44</p><p>23/02/2020<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/N/North_Weald'>North Weald</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/O/Ongar_Extension_Great_Eastern_Railway'>Ongar Extension (Great Eastern Railway)</a></small></p><p>The fully restored North Weald station, Epping Ongar Railway, looking towards Epping from the footbridge, on 23rd February 2020. The now relaid loop and reopened platform on the left were closed by London Transport in 1976 and the track lifted during LUL Central Line days, which lasted from 1957 to 1994.   The station was originally opened by the Great Eastern Railway with the extension of the line from Loughton to Ongar in 1865. 44/44</p><p>23/02/2020<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p>