Interior views 2015-2023

David Bosher

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<h4><a href='/locations/E/Ealing_Common'>Ealing Common</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/M/Metropolitan_District_Railway'>Metropolitan District Railway</a></small></p><p>View from LUL S7 stock on a District Line train to Ealing Broadway, calling at its penultimate stop at Ealing Common on 5th September 2015. The lack of passengers proves that this is a VERY early morning service. 1/12</p><p>05/09/2015<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/R/Ramsbottom'>Ramsbottom</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/E/East_Lancashire_Railway'>East Lancashire Railway</a></small></p><p>A peek inside ex-BR standard class tank loco no. 80080 during a thirst-quenching stop at Ramsbottom station, East Lancashire Railway, on 5th April 2016. 2/12</p><p>05/04/2016<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/O/Oakleigh_Park'>Oakleigh Park</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/L/London_to_Peterborough_Great_Northern_Railway'>London to Peterborough (Great Northern Railway)</a></small></p><p>Interior view of brand new 717 007 while calling at Oakleigh Park station, with an off peak service from Moorgate to Welwyn Garden City, on 18th April 2019. 3/12</p><p>18/04/2019<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/U/Upper_Holloway'>Upper Holloway</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/T/Tottenham_and_Hampstead_Junction_Railway'>Tottenham and Hampstead Junction Railway</a></small></p><p>Interior shot of brand new Aventra Class 710269, with a London Overground GOBLIN service from Barking to Gospel Oak, calling at its penultimate stop at Upper Holloway station on 28th May 2019. 4/12</p><p>28/05/2019<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/M/Mill_Hill_East'>Mill Hill East</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/E/Edgware,_Highgate_and_London_Railway'>Edgware, Highgate and London Railway</a></small></p><p>View from LUL 1995 stock train on the Finchley Central to Mill Hill East one-stop Northern Line shuttle service, approaching Mill Hill East, on 14th September 2019. The space on the north side of the single track is where work commenced on doubling the line all the way to Edgware as part of the 1935 New Works scheme but which was held in abeyance at the start of World War Two and never fully completed after 1945.  This despite well over £1 million being spent on the scheme and on the Finsbury Park to Alexandra Palace section of the ex-GNR Northern Heights lines before 1939, all money down the drain. 5/12</p><p>14/09/2019<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/U/Upper_Holloway'>Upper Holloway</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/T/Tottenham_and_Hampstead_Junction_Railway'>Tottenham and Hampstead Junction Railway</a></small></p><p>A sign of the times on this sticker inside 710261, calling at its penultimate stop at Upper Holloway, with a London Overground GOBLIN service to Gospel Oak on 1st December 2020. 6/12</p><p>01/12/2020<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/F/Falkirk_Wheel'>Falkirk Wheel</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/F/Forth_and_Clyde_Canal'>Forth and Clyde Canal</a></small></p><p>Inside a Falkirk Wheel trip boat on the afternoon of 17th August 2021. 7/12</p><p>17/08/2021<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/B/Berkhamsted'>Berkhamsted</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/L/London_and_Birmingham_Railway'>London and Birmingham Railway</a></small></p><p>Under way on The Cumbrian Coast Express, organised by The Railway Touring Company, that departed London Euston behind E3137 (86 259) at 07.10 and a view through the window of First Class Non-Dining coach D over a misty Hertfordshire countryside near Berkhamsted, at 07.29 on the morning of Saturday, 18th September 2021. 8/12</p><p>18/09/2021<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/S/Severn_Tunnel'>Severn Tunnel</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/S/Severn_Tunnel_Great_Western_Railway'>Severn Tunnel (Great Western Railway)</a></small></p><p>Interior view of 1st Class Non-Dining carriage on UK Railtours excursion from Stevenage to Hereford passing through the Severn Tunnel, at lunchtime on Saturday, 26th February 2022. The tunnel was begun in 1872 and took 14 years to complete with the first trains running though on 1st December 1886. 9/12</p><p>26/02/2022<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/P/Paddington'>Paddington</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/G/Great_Western_Railway'>Great Western Railway</a></small></p><p>Interior of First Class Non-Dining Coach E (the one I travelled in) at Paddington, waiting to depart at 07.04 with The Railway Touring Company's Flying Scotsman excursion to Worcester Shrub Hill, on Saturday, 5th March 2022. The contrast between these MkI seats and the modern day <I>ironing boards</I> is visually and physically noticeable. 10/12</p><p>05/03/2022<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/B/Barking_Riverside'>Barking Riverside</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/B/Barking_Riverside_Branch_London_Overground'>Barking Riverside Branch (London Overground)</a></small></p><p>Interior of 710273, with a London Overground GOBLIN service from Gospel Oak, displaying the new destination of Barking Riverside on 22nd July 2022. 11/12</p><p>22/07/2022<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/L/Luton_DART_Terminal'>Luton DART Terminal</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/L/Luton_DART'>Luton DART</a></small></p><p>Interior of the unit that provided the first service on the new £300m pound Luton Airport DART Railway, seen here at the London Luton Airport terminus, waiting departure on the afternoon of opening day, Friday, 10th March 2023.  There was no service in the morning and the line opened 25 minutes late at 14.25. 12/12</p><p>10/03/2023<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p>