Class 377 Southern units 2013-2023

David Bosher

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<h4><a href='/locations/S/South_Croydon'>South Croydon</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/L/London_and_Brighton_Railway'>London and Brighton Railway</a></small></p><p>377438 to London Bridge arriving at South Croydon, on 18th May 2013.  1/5</p><p>18/05/2013<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/S/Shepherds_Bush'>Shepherd's Bush</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/W/West_London_Railway'>West London Railway</a></small></p><p>377203, with a Southern service from Milton Keynes Central to East Croydon, arriving at Shepherd's Bush station on 4th September 2013. This station is owned by Transport for London who operate the London Overground service through here from Clapham Junction to Stratford. It sits more or less on the site of the former Uxbridge Road station that had closed with the line as a wartime economy in 1940 and never reopened after 1945.   The line stayed open for freight and summer excursions to the south coast until fully reopened in 1994 with Shepherd's Bush station opening in 2008.   Nothing now remains of Uxbridge Road station although its entrance, actually on Holland Park Avenue, survived until circa the early 1970s. 2/5</p><p>04/09/2013<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/W/West_Croydon'>West Croydon</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/L/London_and_Croydon_Railway'>London and Croydon Railway</a></small></p><p>377430 at rear (with 377325 at head) of a Southern service to London Bridge at West Croydon, on 26th January 2019. 3/5</p><p>26/01/2019<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/Q/Queens_Road_Peckham'>Queens Road Peckham</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/S/South_London_Railway:_London_Bridge_Approach_London,_Brighton_and_Souh_Coast_Railway'>South London Railway: London Bridge Approach (London, Brighton and Souh Coast Railway)</a></small></p><p>377213, with a Southern service from London Bridge to Selhurst via Tulse Hill, arriving at the rebuilt Queens Road Peckham in south-east London, on 24th February 2019. This station was  opened by the LBSCR in 1866 and originally had two wooden side platforms with wooden buildings and a centre track with no platforms at all. The centre track was removed sometime in the 1920s and by the 1960s the wooden platforms and buildings had fallen into an advanced state of decay and were demolished in the 1970s and replaced by this less-than-aesthetically-pleasing island platform, built in the space where the lifted track used to be.  Since December 2010, this station has also been served by the London Overground's branch from Surrey Quays to Clapham Junction. 4/5</p><p>24/02/2019<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/B/Brighton'>Brighton</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/L/London_and_Brighton_Railway'>London and Brighton Railway</a></small></p><p>377437, West Coastway Line Southern service, just arrived at Brighton at 15.20 on Saturday, 15th April 2023. There was just enough time to nip across to the Travel Centre for a return ticket to Seaford that departed at 15.41 in the hands of soon-to-be-scrapped 313211. This was the main reason I visited Brighton on this day, to get a 313 ride before they all went, even though I've never liked them. I had expected some to be running on the West Coastway Line but that was completely in the hands of the 377s. 5/5</p><p>15/04/2023<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p>