Class 150 units 2015-2019

David Bosher

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<h4><a href='/locations/B/Bristol_Temple_Meads'>Bristol Temple Meads</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/B/Bristol_and_Exeter_Railway'>Bristol and Exeter Railway</a></small></p><p>150219 waiting to depart from Bristol Temple Meads for Cardiff Central, on the evening of Saturday, 4th July 2015. 1/8</p><p>04/07/2015<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/K/Knutsford'>Knutsford</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/C/Cheshire_Midland_Railway'>Cheshire Midland Railway</a></small></p><p>150147 to Manchester Piccadilly arriving to a crowd of waiting passengers at Knutsford station, on 6th April 2016. 2/8</p><p>06/04/2016<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/C/Clitheroe'>Clitheroe</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/B/Blackburn,_Clitheroe_and_North_Western_Junction_Railway_Bolton,_Blackburn,_Clitheroe_and_West_Yorkshire_Railway'>Blackburn, Clitheroe and North Western Junction Railway (Bolton, Blackburn, Clitheroe and West Yorkshire Railway)</a></small></p><p>The 1893 station building at Clitheroe, (which replaced one of 1850 slightly to the south), seen from the 1994 reopening platforms on 7th April 2016. Regular services from Blackburn to Hellifield were withdrawn pre-Beeching on 10th September 1962 but excursions continued until 7th February 1971. The line then settled into 19 years of freight and diversion use until excursions resumed on 14th May 1990. On 29th May 1994, Clitheroe and the line to Blackburn were fully reopened to passengers. This included a county council ticket hall and information office at the new Clitheroe station but this closed on 5th February 2020. North of Clitheroe the line still sees freight, Sunday Dalesrail passenger excursions and railtours. 150201 from Manchester Victoria has just arrived on 7th April 2016. 3/8</p><p>07/04/2016<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/M/Manchester_Piccadilly'>Manchester Piccadilly</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/M/Manchester_and_Birmingham_Railway'>Manchester and Birmingham Railway</a></small></p><p>150132 to Buxton (left) and 323227 to Crewe (right) at Manchester Piccadilly station on 30th April 2016. 4/8</p><p>30/04/2016<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/L/Llandudno'>Llandudno</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/S/St_Georges_Railway_and_Harbour'>St George's Railway and Harbour</a></small></p><p>150262 just arrived at Llandudno station with a Conwy Valley Line service from Blaenau Ffestiniog on 23rd May 2016. 5/8</p><p>23/05/2016<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/B/Blaenau_Ffestiniog'>Blaenau Ffestiniog</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/B/Bala_and_Festiniog_Railway'>Bala and Festiniog Railway</a></small></p><p>150262, with a Conwy Valley Line service to Llandudno, waiting to depart from Blaenau Ffestiniog station on 23rd May 2016. This station stands on the site of the old GWR Blaenau Ffestiniog Central station that closed in 1960 and which I remember seeing, derelict, as a boy in 1965. On the left is the world-famous Ffestiniog Railway. 6/8</p><p>23/05/2016<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/L/Llandeilo'>Llandeilo</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/L/Llanelly_Railway_and_Dock_Company'>Llanelly Railway and Dock Company</a></small></p><p>150 257 from Shrewsbury to Llanelli standing at at Llandeilo station on the Heart of Wales Line, with UK Railtours' excursion from London Paddington to Llandrindod Wells on the left, on 2nd September 2017. 7/8</p><p>02/09/2017<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/B/Bangor'>Bangor</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/C/Chester_and_Holyhead_Railway'>Chester and Holyhead Railway</a></small></p><p>150282, from Holyhead to Cardiff Central, calling at Bangor on 6th April 2019. This two coach unit left with standing room only and was barely into its long journey. 8/8</p><p>06/04/2019<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p>