Edinburgh trams in price scrapping investigation [BBC News]

Date: 16/05/2011

Councillors in Edinburgh have agreed to look into the price of scrapping the city's beleaguered trams project.

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Edinburgh tram in price scrapping investigation - BBC News
Edinburgh tram

BBC News

Councillors in Edinburgh agree to look into the price of scrapping the capital city's beleaguered trams project.

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A Sunday morning view looking east towards Broomhouse on 23 May 2010, showing the tracks that will eventually carry trams over the B701 Broomhouse Road. On the horizon the outline of Edinburgh Castle can just be made out through the haar. To the left the catenary of the E&G main line runs parallel with the tram route at this point. Both will continue on to Edinburgh Park station, approximately half a mile behind the camera, at which point the trams will then turn north, crossing the E&G on a new flyover, before heading for Edinburgh Airport. [See image 29068]
Location: Saughton [Tram]
Company: Edinburgh Trams
23/05/2010 John Furnevel
Edinburgh tram on display at The Mound tram stop on Princes Street on 29 April 2010.
Location: Princes Street [Tram]
Company: Edinburgh Trams
29/04/2010 Colin Miller
View west along Haymarket Terrace on 28 November with Haymarket station and car park on the left. The excavation work in preparation for the tramway system is being carried out on the site of the recently demolished Caledonian Ale House. [See image 23206]
Location: Haymarket
Company: Edinburgh Trams
28/11/2008 Bill Roberton

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