Scores signal opinions on station plans

Date: 05/07/2007

MORE than 500 people responded to a public consultation on the future of Haymarket Station and the surrounding area. The consultation - which asked residents to choose one of three possible options for the area. Council officials are now sifting through the results to prepare a report on the findings Options include developing the land around the station, demolishing both the station and the neighbouring Ryries bar, and carrying out substantial redevelopment of the site or carrying out a much smaller refurbishment of the station and building a public transport interchange. The proposals will cost between £150 million and £350m and in the public consultation people were asked to choose which one they preferred. Heritage groups have said they would fight any demolition proposals. A report will be put to the council later in the summer outlining the results of the consultation, with a recommendation on what should happen next.[Edinburgh Evening News]

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