German train-delay scarf sells for 7,550 euros on eBay [Guardian]

Date: 15/01/2019

A scarf knitted by a German woman to document her frustrations with frequent train delays has sold for 7,550 euro (£6,720) on eBay, as the countrys biggest railway company announces plans for a punctuality tsar. The rail delay scarf came to prominence when Sara Weber, a journalist, posted a photo of it on Twitter earlier this month. Her mother, a commuter in the Munich area, knitted two lines a day in 2018 to represent how long she was delayed for, she explained. The scarf is colour-coded: grey wool meant her delay had been less than five minutes, pink signified delays of between five and 30 minutes, while red meant she was delayed for more than 30 minutes or had been delayed both ways.

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German train-delay scarf sells for 7,550 on eBay


Woman knitted two lines each day in 2018 to signify how long commute was delayed