Jellicoe Express plaque-unveiling at Hawick on 30 November []

Date: 30/11/2018

Forthcoming: at Teviotdale Leisure Centre on Mansfield Rd, Hawick TD9 8AG at 1130 on Friday 30 November will be the unveiling of the sixteenth in a series of plaques commemorating the stations at which the Jellicoe Express called in both wars on its long journey conveying naval personnel and mail between London and Thurso for Scapa Flow. As at other locations along the onetime route, the unveiling will be in the presence of Captain Chris Smith RN, Flag Officer Scotland and Northern Ireland. Guests travelling from Edinburgh can catch the 0924 train from Waverley, connecting into the X95 bus at Galashiels to reach Hawick Mart Street at 1105. This event is supported by Scottish Borders Council and by the Borders Railway Community Partnership.

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Captain Chris Smith checks out the plaque that he has just unveiled at Hawick Leisure Centre on 30th November 2018. The centre stands on the site of Hawick Station. The Jellicoe Express, which ran between Euston and Thurso, was the longest rail journey in Britain and operated during both world wars transporting mail and navy personnel. It is being commemorated with a series of plaques. Hawick, on the old Waverley Line, was a station where the Express called in one direction for coal and water and now is the only Jellico location that no longer has trains.
Location: Hawick [2nd]
Company: Border Union Railway (North British Railway)
30/11/2018 Bruce McCartney