The solution to congested railways? Turn train tracks into high-traffic 'busways' [Independent]

Date: 03/02/2015

Catching the coach rather than taking the train could help solve the UK’s commuter gridlock, under radical plans to rip up rail lines and use the land for express “busways”. Creating a network of high-speed bus and coach road would save the country billions of pounds and cut fares for passengers, according to a new report released today. [From Mark Bartlett]

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Turn train tracks into high-traffic 'busways'


Think tank wants to convert some railways into special coach-only roads

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Part of the Edinburgh guided busway system at Saughton on 18 June 2008. The route is destined to carry trams in due course.
Location: Saughton [Tram]
Company: Edinburgh Trams
18/06/2008 Bill Roberton
This station, on the former Huntingdon-Cambridge line, has been converted to a private home named 'Gresley House'. The whirring sound you hear is Sir Nigel himself, spinning in his grave, as a double decker bus heads for Cambridge on 10 September along the new Guided Busway.
Location: Long Stanton
Company: Eastern Counties Railway
10/09/2011 Ken Strachan