Reopening east-west railway line between Cambridge and Oxford wins Government backing [Cambridge News]

Date: 12/12/2013

Reopening of the railway line between Cambridge and Oxford has been backed by the Government. Local authorities have commissioned a report with the backing of ministers into the economic benefits of eastern section of the link, between Bedford and Cambridge. Reopening the western end in 2017 has already been agreed.

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The former station at Potton, Bedfordshire on the LNWR Sandy - Cambridge line. Photographed in September 2007, some 41 years after closure [see image 16443].
Location: Potton
Company: Bedford and Cambridge Railway
2/09/2007 Bill Roberton
Brick City. Stewartby (originally Wootton Pillinge), Bedfordshire, on the Oxford - Bedford line in 1974, Built to house workers of the London Brick Co, with kilns and chimneys surrounding the station and dominating the landscape. At its peak, this enormous site boasted 167 chimneys and produced 16 million bricks per day. [Editor's note: The last bricks were made here on 29 Feb 2008 following a rundown by owners Hanson, due to failure to meet limits for sulphur dioxide emissions. The 4 remaining chimneys on the site are now listed structures.]
Location: Stewartby
Company: Bedford Railway
16/02/1974 Ian Dinmore
Looking South-East towards Sandy station [see image 27367] in March 2011. This is the point where the Bedford to Cambridge line crossed the ECML. The far pier is graffiti'd in blue. This view is best seen in winter!
Location: Sandy
Company: London to Peterborough (Great Northern Railway)
13/03/2011 Ken Strachan