Mallard anniversary: Steam locomotive Bittern marks record run [BBC News]

Date: 30/06/2013

A 1937 steam locomotive has run along the section of track where a another locomotive set an unbeaten world record 75 years ago. Bittern, an A4-class engine, a contemporary of Mallard, the world's fastest steam locomotive, set off from King's Cross station for York. Mallard set a record speed of 126mph near Grantham on 3 July 1938, which remains unbeaten to this day. Up to 250 people were on board the train, which reached 92.8mph.

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Steam locomotive marks record run
Locomotive Bittern

BBC News

A 1937 steam locomotive marks the anniversary of a speed record set 75 years ago.

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60019 Bittern stands on Balornock Shed in October 1963, while in the background construction work continues apace on what was seen as the solution to Glasgow's acute housing shortage.
Location: Balornock Shed
Company: Garnkirk and Glasgow Railway
20/10/1965 K A Gray
60019 Bittern simmering gently in the morning sunshine at Waverley platform 1 on the morning of 17 May 2010. The A4 was at the head of 'The Coronation', an Edinburgh - London return special which it was scheduled to take south as far as York.
Location: Edinburgh Waverley
Company: North British Railway
17/05/2010 David Panton
A4 Pacific no 4464 'Bittern' speeds away from Dalgety Bay on 19 May with the northbound Cathedrals Explorer.
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Company: Aberdour Line (North British Railway)
19/05/2012 Bill Roberton