£1.6m track restoration is a winner [Sunderland Echo]

Date: 24/05/2011

A RAIL line which has laid unused for a decade has been brought back to life with a £1.6million investment. The cash has helped renew the Boldon East Curve stretch of track. [From Richard Buckby]

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View north east at Boldon North Junction on a wintry 28 February 2004. The line in the left foreground runs to Boldon West Junction and that in the right foreground to Boldon East Junction (the latter was reinstated in May 2011). Alongside the pylon in the centre background the line divides at Green Lane Junction with the Tyne Dock route turning off to the left and what is now a turnback siding (formerly the line to South Shields) running to the right.
Location: Boldon North Junction
Company: Stanhope and Tyne Railroad
28/02/2004 Ewan Crawford